This book resonates with sound wisdom on all facets of life by way of a narrative that takes the reader on an engaging journey of self-discovery. A little girl, the product of the reconciliation of her parents, grows up in a tempestuous family dynamic that brought out the very best in her natural skills as a born peacemaker. Throughout the next five decades, numerous hardships and heartaches do not damper her happy, optimistic, and positive nature. The SHWY Philosophy was born out of the Author's indomitable spirit for all things positive and loving. Despite many trials and tribulations, her infectious happiness led the way to teaching others on how they too could overcome fear, frustration, anger, resentment, worry, unhappiness, grief, depression, and all other negative energy forces that, left uncontrolled, smother happiness and inner peace. With innovative techniques like 'Positive Indifference', the Author helps bring out the happiness and inner peace that lie dormant within you." > Shake Hands with Yourself